Games – Advanced Production & Design Diploma (HND) Level 6 (DGH) & Visual Media BA Hons (Game Design) Degree Level 8 (CDAG)

Students featured on this page include Ian Berry, Dylan Burke, Jess Burke, Charlie Casey, Dean Cleary, Sam Coombes, Dean Coughlan, Cian Cusack, Craig Darcy, Valentine Dempsey, Daniel Donegan, Ian Donohoe, Brian Duffy, Ryan Fox, Caina Geschwenter-Heinz,  Lisa Marie Gillespie,  Liam Glavey, Shane Hynes-Gorman, Aaron Kane, Aaron Keane, Caoimhín Loughran Dylan Lee-Luong, Damien Lynch, Simon McDougall, Cian McKenna, Alan McNally, Chloe Mooney, Oisín O’Connell, Liam O’Meara, James Rooney-Barker,  Stephen Tapley, Adam Walsh, David White, Aurimas Zilinskas





You can play these games by downloading and unpacking the zip files. Click the file with the game name to play.


  1. Alone
  2. Back Roads
  3. Beanstalk
  4. Black Mamba
  5. Escape From The Supermarket
  6. Eternal Strike
  7. Jet Lagged
  8. Mechanic Mayhem
  9. Pale Neon
  10. Ragnar's Revenge
  11. Repair Man
  12. Spooky Ship
  13. Tahiti Drive
  14. The Last Zoo
  15. Witness